Our culture

Red Hat is a fast-changing company where people drive constant improvements. Even as a major player in enterprise IT, we've retained our freedom-minded culture and open source values. We connect a global community of enterprises, partners, and developers, co-creating technologies that are more innovative than what any one of us could have created alone.

A community of passion

CommunityIt's thrilling to work in a place where people really believe in what they are doing. To Red Hatters, open source is a noble cause, a force for good. Who wouldn't be excited to get paid for contributing to something like that?

Red Hat is where some of the most passionate, creative, and high-performing people in the technology industry come together to make a difference. Every day is full of opportunities to have a meaningful, tangible impact.

Our work feels important because it is. Transparency and collaboration are changing the world, and we've proven that you can build a billion dollar company on those principles.

A company with a mission

At Red Hat, a mission statement could never be an edict handed down from the boardroom. So we came together as a company and collectively wrote ours, with more than four hundred Red Hatters participating directly in its drafting. After two rounds of input and a lot of free, open, and spirited debate, this mission statement emerged:

To be the catalyst in communities of customers, contributors,
and partners creating better technology the open source way.

A lot of companies aim for transparency and collaboration. But at Red Hat, that's just our way.

Values we share

Values at WorkRed Hat is a place to take chances. Creativity, inventiveness, and collaboration are all part of the way we do business. Good work earns respect here, and people dream big and act boldly as they extend the reach of open source.

You'll find that Red Hatters are passionate people fiercely protective of freedom in the workplace. Our work centers around four values: courage and freedom, balanced by commitment and accountability. You can see these values in how we communicate. It's in the way decisions are made around here. And you'll see it in your daily interactions.

Open communication

At Red Hat, communications are done the open source way: we maintain a public forum approach to collaboration whenever possible. That's why we have internal mailing lists that all employees are subscribed to upon hire, where we discuss business-related concerns and ideas. There are even some other opt-in lists for those of us that like to share and debate things not directly relating to the company—like beer brewing, geek humor, leftover birthday cake, and whether it's ever okay to touch a bagel in the breakroom if you're not going to eat it. People are passionate here, and there's always room to speak your mind.

Beyond mailing lists, Red Hat has many internal blogs that focus on specific areas like security or our products. Even our CEO, Jim Whitehurst, has a blog where he often asks for feedback on things like the company mission. The free exchange of ideas is built into our culture and way of doing things—it's a big part of what made Red Hat the first billion dollar open source company.

At Red Hat, anyone can have a say, and the best ideas win.

The Show

The Show connects associates around the world, keeping them plugged into our culture and building a stronger sense of shared community. It makes our global company feel local.

The Show has major episodes throughout the year (plus special editions) that keep our associates aware of what’s happening in the company. From silly skits to important business information to showing our associates doing amazing things, The Show covers it all.

One of the best parts of working at Red Hat is coming in on Show Day. It’s a great excuse to leave your desk, enjoy a snack, sit back and relax while Red Hatters from all over the world make you laugh, learn, and feel pride in the company you work for.

Here’s a teaser of what The Show is like. You’ll have to join Red Hat to get the full experience.