Is Red Hat right for you?

We are an open source company leading a technological movement, which makes our culture a little different than most other companies. At Red Hat, you’ll be expected to make your own way in a fast-paced and passionate environment.

This is a fantastic place to work, but it’s not the best fit for everyone. Our continued success depends on finding people who thrive in our collaborative meritocracy and understand how to work in a company with this culture and commitment.

So, here’s our employer value proposition—the rewards you can find at Red Hat, and what you’ll need to do to realize them.

Industry leadership

Red Hat built our brand and reputation on delivering better technology faster, through community-powered innovation.

Our work is challenging. We're competing against companies with many times more resources. Our customers have only the highest expectations of us.


You have the chance to make an impact. And a chance to challenge yourself. To grow beyond the job you were originally hired for or shift your career in a new direction.

A job at Red Hat is full of possibilities. But you need to have initiative. Make your opportunities. Be ready to try new things.


People at Red Hat have a lot of passion for a lot of things. It drives us. Makes us work harder and create better things for the world.

Passionate people have strong opinions. You need to take feedback gracefully. And sometimes you have to be able to stand up for your own opinions to be heard.

Fast pace

We're growing rapidly, globally. We need to move quickly and change as the market and the needs of our customers change.

If you don't like changing directions, you may become frustrated. You need to be comfortable with ambiguity. Processes and systems aren't always in place.